We are an international pharmaceutical and medical device company

Reinvigorating heritage brands to
meet under-served clinical need


Looking into the future

Our purpose is to improve the lives of our patient communities around the world.

Ennogen Healthcare International Ltd. is a growing organisation with an expanding international presence driven by multiple acquisitions over recent years.


Therapeutic areas

Pain management




Geographical presence

Ennogen is a truly international company with a sales footprint across Europe and other specific territories.

About Us

Ennogen’s Story

Ennogen’s journey to a leading international pharmaceutical and medical device company is driven by its experienced management team.

Who we are
We have built a collaborative environment focused on empowering successful people who align with our values.
Management Team
Our experienced management team is essential in driving high performance across our core competencies.
What we do
We reinvigorate heritage brands to meet underserved clinical need.

Sustainability Strategy

Our Impact

As a pharmaceutical company, we understand that to fulfil our purpose we must not only prioritise patients but our planet and our people too.

Sustainability Strategy

Our sustainability strategy is driven by a holistic approach that always prioritises both planet and people.


We exist to treat patients, serve our communities and empower our people.


We are committed to achieving Net Zero by 2040.


Ennogen’s growth

Santander provides pharma manufacturer Ennogen with £30 million credit facility for growth.

"...improving the lives of our patient communities around the world..."